Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Impossible

My never ending battle with what was originally a project for my Art in Nature class. It progressed into a prolonged attempt to accomplish my original installation. The Unwalkable Path was to extend approximately 1200 feet from the North Eastern side of Lake Roland to the damn across the way.

WINTER: the dangerous consideration. place path on frozen lake top and await a warm day. [small bolder test proved this idea to be a life threatening one]

SPRING: travel around parameter of lake with materials.... [very large bushes detest]

SUMMER: a boat. Drove to Annapolis to rent a canoe. Cash in hand, boat at feet, the man at the counter asks "do you have your wetsuit?" I reply "Ha! no." Man "I'm sorry, I can't rent the boat to you if you don't have a wet suit." Me "......." It was 85 degrees out.

In the end, the path did not literally rest on the water of Lake Roland, however the outcome was seemingly more enjoyable. I created framed pieces of glass designated for separate viewing stations around the lake with a landscape guide. When held up, one was able to see the path project across the lake.